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 About Us 

Costa Rican Dental Care provides a "concierge" medical tourism experience. 
Our "Team" on the ground have been servicing medical tourist for years.

Our basic service includes:

  • Written quotation detailing the services to be performed
  • Coordination between patient and provider
  • Arrangement for hotel, recovery facility (if indicated) and transportation services
  • Special airport pick-up service
  • Hospital concierge (if service includes hospital testing/procedures) to accompany you to appointments and ensure your understanding of procedures and tests
  • Discounts on tours, hotels, travel, restaurants
  • Our Exclusive "Costa Rican Tips" guide book


Costa Rican Medical & Dental Care began in spring of 2008. With health care costs sharply increasing in the U.S., the principals started to investigate medical tourism as an option for Americans to save on healthcare expenses. We discovered Costa Rica as a medical tourism destination has become a very attractive option for patients seeking quality care at an affordable price closer to home than other countries offering medical services.


CRMC principals have made more than 30 trips to Costa Rica in the last three years, meeting with government officials, hospital, doctors, dental clinics, recovery centers, drivers etc.  Company principals are well known in the country for promoting Costa Rica in a way to ensure quality and controlled growth. Other medical tourism providers, particularly those promoting several other countries, will not be able to provide such personalized service and experienced. 


CRMC principals have worked diligently to develop relationships in Costa Rica using contacts in the government ministries and in the professional societies. Other companies can offer services in Costa Rica, but Costa Rican Medical Care is unique in its approach and relationships.

Costa Rican Medical Care is a medical tourism "facilitator". 


As a facilitator, Costa Rican Medical Care:

  • Establishes a relationship with patient
  • Is not making medical decisions
  • Is not engaging in the practice of medicine
  • Arranges for medical and travel-related services
  • Arranges other destination services, including travel, upon request
  • Clearly defines services being provided, both medical and non-medical
  • Provides information submitted by the provider as to licensing, education,
              affiliations and experience.
  • May have a relationship with self-insured employer or benefit consultant
  • May have a relationship with hospitals, physicians, dentists and other providers


To protect the privacy of the patient, these functions are performed only by the provider chosen by the patient:

  • Arranges for transmittal of relevant medical information
  • Arranges for/facilitates payment of destination provider fees
  • Arranges for/facilitates aftercare

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